Sweden is a country with a lot of interesting and ”exotic” entertainment.
Folk music and folk dancing, kulning, jojk, lucia, vikings and of course the Swedish pop marvel. Did you know that Sweden is 3rd in the world when it comes to ”exporting” international music hits per capita?
Who hasn’t heard of Roxette, Ace of base, Avicii and ABBBA?
To learn more about what Sweden has to offer-please contact Emma-Karin Entertainment.
Here are just a few examples of what we can offer:

SO SWEDISH-duo or quintet

So Swedish is a group specialized in entertainment for international guests.  With their personal, engaging and fun performance they have entertained guests from all around the world.  The repertoire includes the best of the Swedish music treasure from folk music to internationally known Swedish pop by Roxette, Ace of base, Avicii, Europe and of course ABBA.


Key fiddle is a very old instrument that has been used in Sweden ever since the 15th century. It’s commonly used in Swedish folk music. A duo dressed in Swedish folk costumes can greet your guests at Arlanda or any venue. They can also perform together with folk dancers.


For a grand welcome or during an awards dinner we suggest trumpeters dressed in Swedish military uniform!


Surprise your guests with an exclusive welcome by the king and queen of Sweden-or at least it looks like it!

The king is portrayed by an excellent impersonator with comic timing and both the king and the queen provide a frightening likeness.


With the true original sound and authentic costumes, the band is bringing back some of the greatest moments in pop history. Weather it’s the 10-piece band or the 4-piece it’s a true ABBA revival with all the great hits. The band is continuously touring in Europe,
Asia and USA.